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Arandor…it’s fate was foretold by dragons, fortified and infused by magic, and forged in devastating wars… Welcome to the Arandor Campaign Setting, a world of swashbuckling action and dark fantasy designed with the best classic RPGs in mind.

And so your adventure begins...

There are heroes of different sizes, ethnicities, and social backgrounds. Traveling all over the world, they face off against villains and go in search of incredible treasure, all the while dealing with high stakes situations, perilous dangers, nail-biting suspense, and ominous mysteries that could reveal centuries of long-held secrets or endanger the safety of the present day

Vivid world you would like to live in

Arandor proudly joins the ranks of RPG worlds that have gone before, with a focus on the finest action-adventure and rich storyline. With this in mind, we created the campaign’s plot components and incorporated them into the Netherlords game’s rules.

  • Human
  • Elf
  • Orc
  • Goblin


Realm of Magic

The world was infused with magic from the very beginning. It surrounds and affects our daily lives. It offers amenities not found in either the contemporary or medieval fantasy worlds.

The history of Arandor

The history of Arandor is one of heroic actions, evolving magic, and the scars of a long, bloody war. After this last Planar War, the landscape is painted with wide, bold strokes of action, adventure, good, evil, and a thousand shades of gray, and ancient secrets await discovery so that they, too, might impact the realm and its people.

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